Beautiful Tomato Italian Tomato Jam

Our Italian Tomato Jam was inspired by a curious jar of jam Patty Newth found at a farmers market in the Tuscan city of Siena. At the time, Patty was living in Florence, Italy as an exchange student and had stumbled across a small farmers market during a free weekend she had to explore the country. Among the vendors, there was one who sold home-canned jams, including a tomato jam. Intrigued, and having never heard of tomato jam, Patty bought a jar to bring home to Portland. The jam had the consistency of the fruit jams and was delicious.

The following year, Patty’s backyard garden produced a bumper crop of tomatoes and she remembered the tomato jam from Italy. Using skills learned from the numerous cooking classes she took while in Italy, Patty set about to recreate the recipe. After much experimentation and many incarnations, this delicious Italian Tomato Jam is a nod to Patty’s original inspiration.

Our jam is made in Beaverton, Oregon by a local co-packer using locally-sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest whenever possible.

Italian Tomato Jam